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Please apply for your first choice of nursery only when using the online application process. Should a place not be available at this particular nursery, our admissions team will contact you to advise of seats available in our other nurseries and that your application has been received and registered with our Admissions Department. Thank you

(Please note that we have a number of applicants on our waitlists requesting for the 5 day a week (regular attendance) option who will be given priority admission, followed by requests of applicants for the 3 day a week attendance option. Currently we do not have any availability for the 2 day a week attendance option).

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Please ensure you complete filling this section if sibling/s are current students of Innoventures Education Schools & Nurseries (Raffles International School(RIS), Raffles World Academy(RWA), Dubai International School(DIA) Emirates Hills, Collegiate American School(CAS), Dubai International Academy(DIA) Al Barsha, Raffles Nurseries, Raffles Starters) and/or will join with the applicant.

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Terms and Conditions
Raffles Nursery - Terms and Conditions
I have read, understood and agreed to the above Admission requirements, fee structure and the terms and conditions contained therein. I understand that this document forms part of the Admission documentation required for Admission to Nurseries and for the statutory registration with the regulatory authorities. For required documents not submitted, I/we undertake to furnish such documents before the child starts attending the Nursery.

I/we hereby confirm and declare that all the information set out in this application is true and accurate. The Nursery reserves the right to vary or reverse any decision regarding the student's admission or enrolment made on the basis of incomplete, untrue or inaccurate information.

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